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María Paula Vargas

Admitted to practice law in:


Attorney from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a masters in intelectual Property from the Université de Potiers. 

María Paula advises national and international clients in the management of the portfolios of intellectual property assets as well as the planning of projects for the adequate protection and the elaboration and review of such assets.  She also advises clients in the negotiation of the intellectual property assets and with all due diligence process.

She advises clients on litigation in relation to intellectual property and unfair competition, either through alternative dispute resolution methods or in jurisdictional proceedings. 


Firm: Brigard & Castro 

Position: Associate

Entry year: 2017 

Educational Background

University: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana    

Program: Law   

Degree: Attorney    

Year: 2017  


University: Pontificia Universidad Comillas   

Program: Law   

Degree: Academic exchange   

Year: 2012  


University: Université de Poitiers   

Program: Property and Ownership Law      

Degree: Maîtrise   

Year: 2015  


University: Université de Poitiers    

Program: Intellectual Property Law   

Degree: Master    

Year: 2016