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“From the moment I received the acceptance mail from the firm for the Summer Internship program, I felt that I was part of a select group and had the possibility of participating in a unique experience. The Summer Internship at BU / BC during these seven weeks, has been the best experience I've had at a professional level even as a law student. It gives you the possibility to know which are the areas of knowledge for which you feel more affinity. Although the experience is really short, it is undoubtedly valuable and there were innumerable things that I could learn, things that I never had knowledge of in the University and that when I arrived at the firm I had to learn in the fastest way to be able to put them into practice immediately. Having done this internship makes me feel proud and very lucky, because few are selected; in addition, this experience opens the doors to you in a field that is as competitive as law. Undoubtedly, I recommend the summer Internship to students in last semesters of law who want to know the experience of working in the firm and have a full training in this profession. ”