The Andean Community establishes list of cosmetic formulations

Within the framework of Decision 516 on health control and surveillance of cosmetic products, the General Secretary of the Andean Community issued the Resolution 1906/2017, modifying Resolution 797/2004, with the intention of clarifying what are the pharmaceutical formulations that companies must use, in a uniform way, for purposes of regulatory obligations and proceedings, in all Andean Community member countries. 

Before, there was not uniformity in the terms used to designate pharmaceutical formulations, Due to this, designation was used to vary on a country-by-country basis, making sub-regional trade difficult.

Resolution 1906 included the different existing cosmetic formulations and those derived from new technological developments. According to the Resolution, “cosmetic formulation” means the “final presentation of the cosmetic product with certain physicochemical characteristics for its adequate presentation and use.” 

On the other hand, the Resolution established that, when the authorization to manufacture cosmetic products is granted, that document must include the cosmetic formulations provided in Resolution 1906/2017.

Additionally, the standard provided that the cosmetic products that are part of annex 1 of Decision 516/2002, along with their expansions or modifications, may be classified according to the cosmetic formulations provided in Resolution 1906/2017.

Finally, we should highlight that this Resolution applies to the member countries of the Andean Community of Nations, namely Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


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