The communication sent on behalf of Asociación Proautores is fraudulent and determines that for issuing a certification regarding any obligation related to copyrights, the company must pay.

Mind who charges you for copyrights and related rights

Both SAYCO (Sociedad de Autores y Compositores) and ACINPRO (Asociación Colombiana de Intérpretes y Productores Fonográficos), authorized collecting societies for charges related to copyrights and related rights, as well State Authorities have traced the existence of fraudulent entities dedicated to send “billing statement” to private clients in exchange for a certification stating that the company is up to date regarding copyrights for the public communication of music works.

However, Asociación Proautores, which we have traced as a fraudulent entity issuing such billing statement, amongst other, are not authorized to collect any payment related to the public communication of works protected by copyrights. The “billing statement” is fraudulent. There is not any record regarding the legal nature of Asociación Proautores or its incorporation or registration as a collective society. In addition, the communication has other warning signs, i.e., the use of personal email accounts as “contact information”, typos, and the use of inexact legal wording. 

Any payment to this entity will not constitute a due payment and will not exempt the company to further payments for the public communication of works protected by copyrights, i.e., regarding musical works, to Sayco Acinpro Organization, que sí está autorizada para hacer estos cobros. 

For further information regarding any payments due for the use of copyrights, do not hesitate to contact us. 



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