Nicole Ríos Martínez

"Six weeks in one of the best firms in Colombia taught me that the professional strength of BU-BC is based on technical excellence, camaraderie and the constant commitment to provide the best legal advice to clients.

At BU-BC, the sense of institutional belonging makes working in a team pleasant, intellectually rewarding, and immensely productive. I will always appreciate the opportunity of getting to know the practice of the legal profession at BU-BC, which for me has been the best school of law."

Diana Marcela Mejía

"The summer internship was a pleasant experience not only because it allowed me to work in different areas that interest me, but also because I was able to get to know a great team that welcomed me during these six weeks as one of their members. Thank you all for your patience and dedication because this made the Internship far exceed my expectations."

Ximena Rivera Rengifo

"My experience in the Summer Internship at BU-BC transformed my professional perspective because it showed me a panorama that was previously unknown to me and taught me the true meaning of this profession. Undoubtedly, Brigard Urrutia is an excellent school for a lawyer in training, because in addition to the kindness and willingness of one´s team, it allows one as a student to contribute to the formation of the different projects in which we are involved. I appreciate this wonderful opportunity." 

Manuela Botero Ghisays

"I have nothing but words of admiration and gratitude towards BU. The professional excellence, the quality of the employees, and the impeccability even in the smallest details are just a small sample of the wonderful organization that it is. I feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of sharing these six weeks with all of you. Professionally, this space opened a universe of options and challenges. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to share my time with the other interns, associates and other employees of the firm. Thank you very much!!!"

María Alejandra Buitrago

"My time during the Summer Internship program at BU and BC was an enriching and very important experience for my professional life because it will allow me to share in the future my experience with extraordinary people with impressive capabilities, personal qualities, and dedication that showed me why this firm is the best practical school for the professional practice of law. Thank you very much to all the people who made this an incredible experience."

María Camila Hoyos Casas

"Living the transition from academic life to professional life in the summer internship at BU-BC, and learning from the example of excellent lawyers with the utmost personal traits, makes these six weeks an enriching and unforgettable training experience on a personal and professional level".