Paula Bernal

“The summer internship is a great learning process, but, above all, it’s an excellent scenario to start the professional lawyer practice. This company is an incredible place to develop an essential aspect in the working exercise, like the sense of belonging”.

Adriana Carolina Ospina

“I enjoyed hugely the interdisciplinarity that characterizes the firm, working in different law areas gave me the opportunity to strengthen my inclination for certain areas and awakened my interest for many others”.

Juan Gilberto Sánchez

“Being part of the Summer Internship Program in BU-BC was more than a pleasure, a privilege. There’s no doubt that the firm is an organization engaged to professional excellence, which works hard every day to be better and achieve higher achievements”.

Jonathan Khole

“I was very anxious to go to Colombia and work in a country very different from mine with its own vocabulary and law system, but when I arrived to Brigard my fears disappeared. Everybody was very nice and wanted to help me with anything I needed”.

Elkin Cetina

“When I think about defining the internship, I wouldn’t be wrong to believe, that first of all it is an ambitious program, enterprising and above all very motivating in a personal and professional level”.

Camilo Arango

“The summer internship program of Brigard Urrutia/ Brigard Castro is the perfect space for those who seek to start the professional exercise as lawyers, it’s an organization where besides the professional qualities, there is a special respect for institutional values that have guided their activity in a successful way for 75 years”.