Rocío Vázquez Blázquez

"These seven weeks at BU have allowed me to get to know how a big firm works and how the teams relate to one another when collaboration is required. Brigard Urrutia inspires you to excel oneself, to give the best and improve a little bit with every single day. The philosophy of effort, continuity and sacrifice is felt in all the teams the firm consist of and this, especially at the beginning of one’s career, is of an incredible value, as if you internalise them deeply, they will accompany you throughout your entire working life. At a personal level, as a foreigner, the summer internship has given me the opportunity to discover this marvellous country, with it richness, unknown to those of us, who are not Colombian and to get to know a people which always makes you feel welcome, by giving you all their kindness and hospitality from the first day on. I will always have great memories about this experience, a greater wish to come back and even greater people and friends. Summarising the experience at Brigard Urrutia, I can say that it has been enriching in all the aspects of my life and that I can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to get to know in a comparable firm of high achievement, like Brigard Urrutia. I can only thank everyone with whom I have had the chance of working for their patience, valuable lessons and tips. Thanks a lot for the Brigard Urrutia opportunity.”

Susana Gómez Velásquez

“Before anything, I have no words to express my gratefulness to the entire BU and BC teams. My experience at BU and BC has exceeded every professional, academic and personal expectation. Having the opportunity to work with this firm with its high quality standards, has been a forming experience. The dedication to perfection and the feeling of belonging to the team, which the lawyers at BU and BC have, creates a truly enriching work-environment and experience for the interns.”

Sunny M. Dharod

“My experience here has been fabulous. Besides deepening my knowledge of the law and improving my Spanish-skills, I have created ties with wonderful people and I am certain that they will last for many years. I have been exposed to a new culture and I will always be grateful for having spent this summer in Colombia.”

Viviana María Rodríguez Bencardino

“I have started my journey to the capital city with the illusion that until the end of the days I will fulfil its expectations, and it has finally become an incredible reality. The BU summer internship has the quality of having complete integrity, as one can not only learn about new law-related topics, but also, in that little time, it helps to create one’s professional development, with the ethical valued and the moral necessary. I am left with one of the greatest academic and personal experiences I have had in my life. Without doubt, applying for this internship is a decision which, if I could, I would take again. Thanks a lot for this great opportunity!”

Paola Andrea Varela Luna

“Taking part in the Brigard Urrutia 2017 Summer Internship has been an incredible and unique opportunity for me on both, a professional and personal level. During the seven weeks I have been learning from everyone whom I was working with: the lawyers and interns, and day-by-day I have acquired the skills which, I am convinced, will benefit me not only in becoming a better lawyer, but also a better person. Therefore, I would like to thank BU for allowing me to live and enjoy this wonderful experience.”

Natalie Downing Torres

“My summer internship at Brigard has been an excellent opportunity to enter the job market and to be able to develop and to acquire the abilities that one needs to be a better lawyer. During my time at the firm I have had the possibility to learn and work together with exceptional lawyers and teams which show the value that our profession has on a daily basis. This experience has allowed me to familiarise myself with one of the best firms in the country, and what is even more satisfying, to be a part of it. Furthermore, I have got to know great people, be it associates or other interns, who taught me a lot and whom I have great memories with!”