Viktoriia Lapa

“Without doubt, the Brigard Urrutia internship is an unforgettable experience. It does not matter whether you have previous experience or not, everyone can find something to learn in this best law firm of Latin America. More importantly, everyone is very friendly here and makes one feel at home, when you are actually 10 thousand kilometres away from the latter. Every single one of the lawyers can show you something new. Furthermore, for the foreigners this internship provides the opportunity of discovering the culture and the people of Colombia, who will be in my soul. I can only say thank you for this opportunity of enjoying my time in Colombia and growing as a lawyer in such a professional environment.”

Omar Arturo Vaquerano

“The experience of working in a firm like Brigard Urrutia is invaluable. The working culture is exemplary, the people are friendly and professional and the work is very challenging and interesting. The summer internship has been an amazing learning experience which has allowed me to make new friends and contacts which I hope will last forever. I truly enjoyed working in a firm of such high renown and such a wonderful country. I am very thankful for having had this opportunity and, without doubt, I would recommend the programme to future generations of lawyers in Colombia and abroad.”. 

Jae Hyun Park

“I arrived at BU and in Colombia not really knowing what to expect. Even though I have worked in law firms in the US, working abroad has been a new experience for me. It has been satisfying to find such a professional law firm which allowed me to have a great experience over the summer. Furthermore, as BU is in Bogota´s, Colombia, I have had the opportunity of getting to know the capital city, its cultural richness and I have been able to share this experience with people who have earned a special place in my heart. Working for Brigard Urrutia has been one of the best decisions that I have ever taken for my professional career and my life.”