Laura Sanín Escobar

"The Summer Internship at Brigard Urrutia/ Brigard Castro is an unforgettable experience, both personally and professionally. The firm is characterized by legal excellence and by the quality of their treatment, which makes you want to be part of it.

Thank you very much for this enriching experience".

Shawn S. Yoon

"My experience of being a summer intern at BU was wonderful for many reasons, especially because of the people. During orientation they told us that BU is special because all members are treated with respect and this is completely true. This internship has given me a great professional experience, but perhaps the most important thing has been my relationship with all the wonderful people at the firm from the assistants to the partners."

Marcela García Ciro

“The opportunity to work with high quality professionals, the excellence in customer service, and the interdisciplinary nature of work at the firm make this an absolutely enriching and invaluable experience that would change the professional and personal perspectives of anyone. What started as a challenge for me today is the best professional experience of my life."

Milton Andrés Mejía Rodríguez

"Excellence and respect are two of the main characteristics on which the success of Brigard Urrutia is structured and which notably stand out in the personality of each person who works there, a more than favorable circumstance to become the best and to work among the best lawyers in Colombia. Thank you to my colleagues and to my internship coordinators, and to the BU lawyers, for making this experience unforgettable".

Paula Andrea Guerrero Salazar

"The best way I can describe my experience in Brigard Urrutia is that it was to build the bridge between the theory that is learned in school and the practice that is required to be an excellent professional. It was enriching not only to have the tutoring and support of those who distinguish themselves highly in the exercise of the profession in areas of great importance for the development of the country, but to interact with colleagues from other places."

Juan Camilo Jiménez Valencia

"These were six unforgettable weeks, in hindsight it seems inconceivable to think that everything happened in such a short time. Throughout the days we were learning, working, meeting wonderful people, creating strong bonds of friendship and feeling more part of the great family of BU-BC.

The internship was like entering a corridor full of open doors.”